Benefit: Muslim Comedians?

In the Name of Allaah, Ar-Rahmaan, Ar-Raheem...

There is a new phenomenon today of so-called 'Muslim comedy' is this something permissible, praiseworthy or beneficial? Take a listen to the following clip; it demonstrates just how far some Muslims are taking comedy. In the coming days insha'allaah, we will present some details rulings from the Scholars of Islaam on this issue.

Source: Troid


Abdur Rahman said...

Wallaahi this is a serious matter, may Allaah protect us all from the evil of OURSELVES as well as the evil of shayton & those who follow him, ameeen.

Anonymous said...

Indeed this has become a famous style and in many community events, people are more likely to attend when there is a comedian on the program. Unfortunately the brs. and srs. are loosing focus of the true islam. E.g why should people understand islam better when it is put in a funny way? We should respect our religion and thus spread the knowledge in the right way and with the help of Allah SWT, those whose faith is strong may Allah SWT guide us. It is grotesque to have brs making money out of ridiculising Islam! If we make fun of our own religion...what will the kufr do? Insha Allah the ruling on this issue be spread and we should stop this kindof approach. Let's adopt a more respectful approach Insha Allah. Some Brs. are making video clips and dancing to sensibilize the youth... PLEASE STOP! Islam is not a FUN learning religion. Insha Allah!

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